Hi, I’m Hannah

I’m a portrait, wedding, and lifestyle photographer

I’m an American, who fell in love with an English man, married him, and moved to London

I love rock climbing, traveling to new places, and my morning coffee

I try to make everything myself, like a DIY champ

I love the color green

In all seriousness...

I specialise in portraiture, wedding, lifestyle, and food photography. I photograph anything that inspires me and work with clients to create high-quality and visually dynamic images. I love capturing images in the outdoors that make the most of the natural light and showcase the subject in as organic a way as possible. I’m drawn to rich colours, exquisite details, genuine emotions, and both candid and gently styled images that add beauty and depth to any subject.

My passion for photography is evident in my work and I completely devote myself to each photographic session to ensure my clients get nothing but the best. For portrait sessions, I aim to deliver results that show my clients at their best, even if they are camera-shy. Before every assignment, I take time to get to know my clients and learn more about their vision and what they expect in their photographs.

Photography isn't just about the final product, but about finding comfort in yourself in front of the lens, and sharing a connection with the person behind the lens. Please get in touch if you would like a reliable, passionate, and down-to-earth photographer who will sit down with you (hopefully over a warm caffinated drink) and make your vision into memorable photographs you will cherish forever!